A bulldozer operator driving along a quiet, snow-covered road inside the Navajo Nation territory in northeast Arizona in recent days saw an unexpected pathway on a hill.

President Obama announced Thursday that the federal government will spend $8 billion developing a nationwide high-speed train system — an investment the White House says is needed to help spur long-term economic growth.

Microblogging service Twitter made two major changes in the past week, betting that users are more interested in following their friends, interests and local chatter than in keeping track of celebrities and mainstream news.

Produkcja jak i zbyt kartonów nie różni się od handlu Kotłami
węglem czy też

For the 11th time, a California board has voted to deny parole to Gregory Powell, the infamous „Onion Field” cop killer whose 1963 crime was chronicled in Joseph Wambaugh’s best-selling book.

Reklama w internecie jest jedną z najbardziej rozpowszechnionych w XXI wieku. W internecie reklamowane są już nie tylko usługi ale i produkty np. kartony , okna , czy też pieczątki

Zelda Rubinstein, the actress best known for her role as the psychic in the horror film „Poltergeist,” died in Los Angeles, California, on Wednesday, her agent said. She was 76.

When it comes to word choice, President Obama is less positive than any president in modern time, according to a scholar who has dissected the language of State of the Union speeches since Harry Truman’s 1946 address.

J.D. Salinger, the famously reclusive author whose 1951 novel, „The Catcher in the Rye,” became a touchstone for generations of readers, has died. He was 91.

Zima i mrozy jakie panują w Polsce podniosą rynek montażu i produkcji okien w Polsce i Europie wschodniej (okna kalisz, okna poznań , etc).

J.D. Salinger, author of „The Catcher in the Rye” and other books, has died, according to his literary agent, Phyllis Westberg.

Within hours of Apple CEO Steve Jobs’s breathless iPad presentation — he called the device „extraordinary,” „unbelievable” and „a dream” — the independent reviews from techie types began rolling in.

The political furor escalated over President Obama’s high-profile rebuke of a recent Supreme Court ruling on campaign advertising Thursday, as Democrats pounded the high court decision.

The iPad was supposed to change the face of computing, to be a completely new form of digital experience.