Intriguing people for December 29, 2009

Mark Kirk The Illinois congressman, now the front-runner in the Republican primary election for U.S. Senate, is facing an attack ad that questions his sexual orientation. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that opponent Andy Martin, already controversial for previous remarks about Barack Obama, has run for offices in Illinois, Florida and Connecticut but has never won. He taped a commercial questioning whether Kirk is gay — and radio stations have told the Sun-Times that federal communications rules don’t permit them to edit the ads. Spokesman Erik Elk said that Kirk, a U.S. Naval Intelligence officer, was unavailable for comment because he is on active duty over the holidays. Elk issued this statement: „The ad is not true and is degrading to the political process. The people of Illinois deserve better.” Kirk, whose candidacy was endorsed by his ex-wife, faces five opponents in the Republican primary on February 2.